Receive personalized support for your university application through our team of guidance counselors, tutors and mentors. They will assist you with every facet of your journey, from making the right choices to submitting your applications.

Benefits of the Premium plan

All Nurture & Nurture+ Features

 Our comprehensive Introductory Course, which covers both the UK university and US college application process
 Join our monthly ‘Start Your UniPrepare Journey’ webinars, including Q&A session
 Receive a free digital calendar to organize your university or college preparation journey
 Get access to our in-depth UK University and US College Preparation and Application Courses
 Join our Future Careers Workshops
 Get access to our full Video Library, including Subject Taster Sessions from University Tutors, Study Smarter Courses and Moving Abroad Course.
 Access to our subject-specific courses
 Access to our library of university or college specific courses
 Live & Interactive Lessons

Premium Features

 Monthly 1:1 session with a Guidance Counselor
 Aptitude test
 Monthly 1:1 session with Tutor
 Support with your University Applications, Personal Statement or College Essay, Admission Test and Interview Preparation
 Scholarship & Bursary Support
 Personal Student Success Coordinator
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