Applying to US Colleges

This course is available to Nurture plan members and provides step-by-step guidance on the US College application and admissions process. The course will provide focus on how to create a well-rounded profile, while giving extra attention to the college essay and, optional, interview preparation. 

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UniPrepare Team


3 - 5 hours



Course Lessons

About the Author 

Thabo Lenneiye

Thabo holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Cambridge, and a dual Masters of Engineering and Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. She has taught numerous graduate design studios and led a group of architecture and business students at Wharton on real estate development projects as part of the curriculum.

Her business experience includes business development and project management at the world’s leading architecture firm where she also served as the Chief of Staff to the Co-CEO, and led expansion efforts into new markets. Thabo has also cofounded two startups and is part of the University of Cambridge Accelerate network.

About the Presenter

Sean Stevens

Head of Student Success

Sean studied at Christ Church, University of Oxford where he gained experience tutoring young students. Upon graduating, he then set about creating outstanding educational experiences for students from around the world. He is passionate about how new methods of education and technology have the capacity to influence the development of students. At its core, education is about unleashing human potential. Sean’s goal is to have the most positive impact on as many young futures as possible
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